The Right Age For Children Learning To Swim

Teaching children to swim at the age of too early (1-4 years) or before their motor skills mature actually does not make children more quickly master swimming techniques. The swimming technique in question is the correct technique and correct swimming methods.

Actually there is no specific benchmark at what age children can learn to swim, but according to research it is recommended or recommended that children be taught to swim at the age of 4 years and above (their motor skills have started to mature).

In this case it must be distinguished, that learning to swim is not the same as children playing in water. Even if the child will be invited to a water vehicle or want to play water in a pool, that’s okay, as long as parents know the principles and procedures.

There are several principles that parents must take when they invite children to play water or children learn to swim, including:

  • When children play water, parents should always be there next to the child.
  • Parents also should not be too far out of reach. This is to anticipate events that are not desired.
  • At the age of a baby, or under the age of 1 year, you should first teach in a small pool, then fill in warm water. Only after the child is used to filling the pool with cold water.
  • Children are allowed to play water when the head is upright or around the age of 5 months and above.
  • Check the cleanliness of water, both in ordinary pools or water rides. This is to avoid problems that might occur, namely skin problems in children.
  • When playing water in the game arena or in a large pool, children must use a rescue vest. This is so that children do not sink.
  • It is recommended that playing time is under 10am or past 4pm.
  • Understand the child’s reaction, whether the child is happy, afraid or even cold.
  • Do not force if the child is afraid to play in the water, teach slowly until the child wants to do it.
  • Pay attention to the flow of water, not to get water into the mouth. The entry of water in the number of children can make the concentration of salt in the blood. Also because the water is not certain of its cleanliness, it can result in digestive problems.

Those are some basic principles for parents to take care of the baby when swimming or playing water. May be useful…

Traditional Ways to Treat Fever in Children

Parents will usually panic and fret when their baby has a fever. This is only natural, for fear that his child might be wrong.

Parents should not panic excessively, because it is not a solution for a recovering child. It’s better to act immediately to treat her child. There are several choices in treating fever in children. Can through medicine or using natural traditional medicine.

If you want to see a doctor about the condition of the child, it is okay and that is indeed recommended. But if for various reasons and want to treat their children naturally, that is also fine.

Now for those who choose treatment number two, then we must know what traditional ingredients can be used as medicine for the baby.

Below are traditional and natural medicines that can be used to treat fever in children:

Lempuyang Emprit

Lempuyang Emprit or the latent language Zingiber Amaricans has an essential oil compound, which is a sequel of Peketon which is useful for reducing heat. what is used is the rhizome.

The trick: prepare 10 grams of empirical platinum tubers, then grate and give ½ cup of hot water. Mix the mixture earlier, then squeeze the juice. Combine with honey to make it sweet (because emprit tastes are bitter). Divide into 3 parts. Give to children who have fever (3 times a day).


Temulawak has the active ingredient germacrene, xanthorrihizol, alpha beta curcumena. The benefits of the womb are for anti-inflammation, antibiotics, and increasing the production and secretion of bile. This is useful for reducing heat, stimulating appetite, treating jaundice, diarrhea, mag, flatulence, and aches and pains. That is the benefit of ginger which has the Latin name

Curcuma Xanthorhiza Roxb

How: take 10 grams of ginger rhizome, then wash it thoroughly. Grated ginger that has been washed. Then add ½ cup of hot water. Let it cool. After squeezing the mixture, take the juice, then add honey or sugar to taste. Divide into 3 parts. Give 3 times a day.


Turmeric also contains almost the same ingredients as above. Turmeric contains essential oils, curcumin, turmeron, and zingiberen. So, turmeric does not only function to reduce heat, but also can increase endurance.

How: wash 10 grams of turmeric, then grate and add 1/2 cup of hot water. Stir well. Then squeeze out the juice. Then add the ½ lime juice and honey. Divide into 3 parts. Give 3 times a day.

Red Onion And Kencur

Shallots and kencur have volatile contents, which function to reduce heat.

The trick: take 3 cloves of red onion and a piece of kencur, then grate both. Mix with a little eucalyptus oil, then wipe it to the chest, back, and a little crown.

Meniran leaves

Contains lignans, flavonoids, alkaloids, triterpenoids, tannins, vitamin C. Useful for increasing endurance and reducing child heat.

How: boil a handful of meniran leaves with 2 cups of water, wait until boiling and just leave 1 cup. Make 3 parts. Drink 3 times a day

Those are some traditional ingredients that can be used to treat fever in children. But it should be a concern for parents, if the child’s heat reaches a temperature of 38 ° C more, then you should take your child to the doctor or hospital. May be useful.…

Problems That Can Occur in Infants and Their Handling

Being a new mother in life is a very happy experience. Sadness even though lived in the early life of the little one. A lot of confusion comes in taking care of him. For that recognize your child in the beginning of its growth. The following problems can occur in infants and their handling:

Frequently Wasted Babies

Many mothers assume that babies who frequently defecate are suspected because of diarrhea. But it turns out the assumption is wrong. As long as we know babies with exclusive breastfeeding often defecate with a frequency of 6-10 times a day.

Frequent urination

This is because babies often suckle into the frequency to urinate more often. Change diapers frequently and maintain cleanliness, especially around the dark tool.

Frequently Dispose of Wind

Do not rush to assume that the baby is experiencing bloating, this is only because the air is trapped in the digestive tract. And as long as you know that the baby who discards the wind is actually good.

Baby Menstruation

The majority of mothers panic at the condition of the baby who bleeds through his head just like an adult who is menstruating. This is due to the influence of the mother’s estrogen hormone which is produced a lot while the baby is still in the womb. Along with a decrease in hormone levels this condition will disappear by itself and does not need treatment.

Frequent hiccups

This is naturally experienced by babies, even ancient parents say that frequent hiccups are a sign that children will get tired quickly. Actually hiccups occur due to contractions in the body cavity separating the chest cavity and abdominal cavity (diaphragm). Generally the hiccups will disappear by themselves and are not dangerous. This condition is enough to be treated by drinking warm water.

Breathing Ejects Sound

This is caused by the presence of mucus that blocks the respiratory tract. Babies who have just been born have not been able to remove mucus from the throat through coughing. Mucus is caused by allergies that arise through the food consumed by the mother, then enter the baby through breast milk. Mucus can also be caused by influenza.

Lot of Sweating

Head, hands, and feet sweat the most babies who have just been born. But as we get older, the sweat that comes out will decrease. Excessive sweating in infants can also be caused by the mother giving cow milk to the baby. Because cow’s milk in the body will be converted into protein. The change process will release heat that will be released through the sweat glands.

Genitals Have Swelling

This is due to high estrogen levels in the plasma during pregnancy. Usually swelling of the genitals in infants can occur in baby girls and boys.

Thus, the mother needs to know things that might happen to a baby who has just been born. May be useful.…

Good Association Creates Good Teens

The primary identity formation is the environment. A healthy environment will give birth to healthy adolescents, but otherwise the environment that is not good will form a person who is not healthy. In this sophisticated era, many teenagers spend a lot of time after school to play outside the home, whether it’s in the cafe or hanging out on the street. What is even more sad is that we often meet the teenagers doing brawls against fellow school children.

An unfavorable environment can also plunge teenagers into promiscuity such as free sex, drugs, and drinking. Teenagers like this are experienced by teenagers who feel less happy, lack of attention and affection. The attention and love needed by adolescents is from the family, especially the two parents, besides close family, friends and school environment. Attention and affection are very much needed to make the teenager not feel less affection, so that the teenager feels happy / happy.

Teenagers who have entered the wrong environment will be very difficult to return to the family environment. Because teenage children have a soul and mind that is still unstable. For that the role of parents and the closest environment is very necessary in creating good teens.

Things that need to be done so that adolescents have healthy and good relationships:

Provide children with religious guidance as early as possible so that children have strong behavioral control in relationships.

Providing sufficient love and attention from both the family and the surrounding environment. By getting affection in the home environment, the child will not seek love outside.

When a child wants to leave the house, make it a habit to ask permission and ask where he goes, besides that it should give supervision indirectly. Like asking his friends. Give supervision also when children use media that is currently developing very rapidly.

Recognize the talents and interests of children so that parents can channel it in positive things so that talent is channeled and children remain in a positive association.

Don’t give too strict rules to children. With children feeling confined he will seek freedom outside.

Be a best friend for children, and don’t be a feared person. That way the child can devote what was previously done. In other words, parents can be used as a place to vent.

If the deviation is still small, start reprimanding it so that the teenagers feel valued.

Well, that’s the way for teenagers to have good relationships so that they can become a quality generation of the nation. Good luck.…

Parents Actions When Children Access the Internet

The era of modern humans is increasingly facilitated by the presence of advanced technologies such as the internet. Where the internet is a connection (connection) from one computer to another across the world through a dedicated server and router. When two computers are connected via the internet, they can send and receive information such as text, graphics (images), voice, video and other computer programs in the form of software and applications.

Today computers and the internet have become an important part of everyday life. Just sitting sweetly at the computer we already know some of the information we need. The benefits of the internet can be felt not only by professionals, but also by students, teenagers, housewives, and elementary students.

The internet if we take it from the positive side will feel beneficial for our daily lives. But not if we take it from the negative side.

Most children who access the internet will cause concern for their parents. For fear of children being negatively affected by the internet such as information that has sex, violence, etc. that are not good for children. In addition, for most children in front of the computer will interfere with positive activities and reduce eye health. Therefore parents must take an attitude so that their children remain positive while accessing the internet.

Here’s what parents have to do with their children:

Accompanying children when accessing the internet

We recommend that you put the computer in the family room and do not leave the child without adult supervision. This is so that parents can sort the types of information that children receive, and parents can straighten out the wrong understanding.

For parents it is not permissible to clueless

To avoid children from unwanted things from the internet, parents need to have sufficient knowledge about the internet and how to access it. How good is the child to learn the internet from their parents. This way parents can find out the extent to which the child’s understanding of the internet besides learning with their parents can continue to be supervised.

Schedule computer usage

Before applying this to children, you should be a parent who is disciplined in using a computer, so that children can imitate their parents. Another thing is to limit the selection of sites that can be visited by children. Try to get children to get permission from parents before accessing the internet.

Divert children by introducing various interesting activities

This is so that children are not only fixated on the internet world. Give a subtle understanding of good and bad if you linger at the computer.

Those are things parents can do when children access the internet. May be useful…