Recipe for Making Taro Leaves

Buntil is a traditional cuisine that is easily found in every market on the island of Java, especially Central Java. The basic ingredients of buntil cooking are leaves.

There are three types of leaves that can be used as bundles, namely papaya leaves, cassava leaves, and taro leaves.

Of the three types of leaves earlier, in the bundle maker the process is almost the same. Well, of the three types of leaves that are the most popular are buntil which comes from taro leaves.

Do you have the desire to make taro leaves?

Don’t worry, because we will give the recipe below below.


  • 5 taro leaves, wide in size
  • 1 coconut (1/2 young), then grate, then set aside ¼ part
  • 100 grams of small anchovy
  • 3 red curly chilies, thinly sliced
  • 2 grains of garlic, puree
  • 2 stems of leeks, finely sliced
  • 50 grams of Chinese petai / manding
  • 5 red onion grains, finely sliced
  • 75 grams of rendang (ready to use)
  • Salt to taste)
  • Flavoring (to taste)
  • Sugar (to taste)

How to make

  1. Prepare the container, then enter the young coconut, garlic, anchovy, spring onion, chilli, 1 teaspoon flavoring, then mix evenly.
  2. Wash taro leaves, then tear them into 5 parts (for each sheet). So that everything becomes 15 tears. Arrange in one pan.
  3. Wrap the coconut mixture that has been mixed into taro leaves. Divide evenly into 15 taro leaf tears earlier. Then set it aside.
  4. Saute the shallots until fragrant, then add the rendang spices. After that, add the coconut milk from  kelapa the coconut portion, give it sugar, flavoring, salt. Cook until boiling.
  5. Pour the coconut spices into the pan containing the raw puffer. Then cover the pan, then boil until the taro leaves become soft and the sauce thickens.
  6. Taro leaves are ready to be served.

That’s the recipe for making taro leaves, hopefully adding to your cooking repertoire. May be useful.…

Delicious Padang Satay Recipe

Who doesn’t know this one dish ??? Satay is not only known by the people of Indonesia, but satay is a dish that has been widely known in various countries. This is evidenced by the entry of satay into 15 of the most delicious dishes in the world by CNN.

Indonesian satay has more variants than Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and the Netherlands, which are 40 variants of satay.

Satay is also easy to get, whether it is peddlers, street vendors, ordinary restaurants, and other upscale restaurants that provide food from the pierced meat.

Satay in Indonesia is usually added with rice cake, soy sauce, peanut sauce, and pickled sliced ​​shallots and chili.

Most satay in various regions in Indonesia uses raw meat before it is roasted, but there is one area that before being burned, the meat has been cooked and given seasoning first. The area that makes satay with cooked meat is Padang.

Satay Padang also has its own uniqueness in the marinade. If in other areas using soy sauce or peanut sauce as a complement, in Padang sate is combined with rice flour as pengenyal and gives a savory flavor to the sauce.

Are you interested in trying Satay Padang ?? No need to go all the way to Padang to try it. Just learn the recipe below:

Sate Padang Recipe

(for 10 stitches)


  • 125 grams of beef tongue, boiled, then cut into 2 × 2 cm size
  • 50 grams of beef liver, boil, then cut 2 × 2 cm
  • 175 grams of brisket
  • 600 ml of water
  • 1 turmeric leaf
  • 1 lemongrass stem, take the white part, then spread it
  • 1 kandis acid, for two. Use 1/2 only
  • 20 grams of rice flour and 25 ml of water, dissolve it for the thickener.
  • 1 tablespoon of fried onion
  • 10 bamboo sticks.

Ground spices

  • 4 shallots
  • 1 curly red chili fruit
  • ¼ teaspoon of coriander
  • ½ teaspoon of pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon cumin
  • 1 cardamom fruit
  • 2.5 cm of turmeric, burned
  • ½ cm galangal
  • 1 teaspoon of salt

How to make it

Boil the brisket until tender, cut to size (2 cm). Measure 350 ml of milk.
Then boil again with beef tongue, beef liver, fine spices, turmeric leaves, lemongrass, and candis acid over low heat until the water is reduced to 250 ml.
Satay sticks alternately (beef tongue, beef liver, and brisket meat), then burned until it emits a fragrant aroma.
Boil the remaining stew again. Thicken with rice flour. Wait until it bursts.
Serve satay with the thick sauce, then sprinkle with fried onions.

That is the recipe for making Padang satay which is famous for being very delicious

Isn’t it difficult to make Padang satay? Hopefully useful and good luck.…

Various kinds of super nutritious food ingredients

Eating colored foods can indeed increase appetite, especially green food ingredients. But many also avoid it with certain reasons such as not wanting it because it tastes bitter, dislikes, bad and so on. Though from eating green foods we can take great benefits. Here are the various benefits of green foods:


Because it tastes bitter, many people avoid consuming this type of food. Bitter melon fruit contains calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B AND C. In addition to the above content of bitter melon fruit also contains albiminoid and dyes. Young bitter melon fruit can be used as a drug dibetes, digestive disorders, drugs for malaria, jaundice and bronchitis. The benefits of bitter melon are not only there, other benefits, namely bitter melon fruit can inhibit the HIV virus. How to consume bitter melon in stir-fry or can be made concoction by way of puree, then extract the fruit juice. The fruit juice is drunk.

Green pear

Another alternative for children who do not like vegetables can be replaced by giving them green pears. These fruits contain gzi, including vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and pectin. Green pears also contain 2.3 grams of fiber per 100 grams of material. Green pears have benefits that can be used to relieve heat, help the digestive process, relieve coughing and facilitate digestive tracts.

Green tea

It has been known that green tea is full of antioxidants that can prevent degenerative diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Besides that, green tea has also been shown to have a positive impact on the growth of prostate and breast cancer. How to consume green tea is usually used as a warm or cold drink.


It doesn’t need to be in large portions to meet the needs of vitamins in our body. Enough to eat 10 sticks of 15% beans can already meet the level of vitamin in every day. How to consume beans can be stir-fried, boiled for a mixture of salads, or you can also bake with olive oil.


It has been widely known that Avocado has benefits to overcome anemia, beauty therapy and helps regenerate red blood cells. Green avocado is a type of fruit that contains a lot of fiber. In addition, green avocado also contains protein, vitamin A, potassium, calcium and magnesium. How to consume avocado is usually used as a juice mixed with a little milk to reduce the slightly bitter taste.


Kiwi contains more vitamin C than sweet orange. Kiwi can be a friend for people who have vision problems because kiwi contains antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin which can protect the eyes. Consuming 3 kwi fruit every day can reduce high blood pressure naturally.


Broccoli is one of the vegetables that can prevent and overcome breast cancer. Broccoli is proven to have an anti-cancer effect and a rich source of vitamin C. How to consume broccoli can be used as a mixture of soup, fried foods, or can also be used as juice mixed with other ingredients.

That is the type of food that has high benefits for our body. From now on, love the green ingredients for your body and for your family.…

Making Delicious Soto Banten

Soto is a traditional specialty from various regions in Indonesia. There are Soto Lamongan, Soto Kudus, Soto Banjar, and many more.

Well, do you know that there are also soto dishes in Banten ??

Of course the name is also Soto Banten, according to the area from which this dish was made.

You are curious about how to make Soto Banten? Here’s the recipe:

Soto Banten Recipe

(for 10 servings)

Material ;

  • 4 chicken aha top and bottom
  • 3000 ml of water
  • 4 bay leaves
  • 4 sticks of lemongrass, take the white and then spread it
  • 4 medium sized tomatoes. Then cut it into pieces
  • 8 teaspoons of salt
  • 4 teaspoons of sugar
  • 4 tablespoons of oil to saute.

Ground spices

  • 12 red onion grains
  • 8 garlic cloves
  • 2 teaspoons of pepper
  • 4 cm kunit, then burned.

Vacuum material

  • 200 grams of glass noodles, soaked
  • 600 grams of potatoes, cut into a box. Then fry
  • 300 grams of sprouts, take a minute
  • 4 stalks of celery, finely sliced
  • 4 tablespoons of fried shallots
  • 4 eggs, boiled.

How to make

  • Boil chicken with bay leaves, lemongrass, tomatoes, until cooked. Remove the chicken and strain 3000 ml of boiled water. Bring to the boil again.
  • Fry the chicken until it’s cooked, then shred it small then set it aside
  • Heat the oil and saute the finely seasoned ingredients until fragrant, pour the broth of the broth, add salt and sugar. Cook until boiling.
  • Arrangement of glass noodles, potatoes, bean sprouts and chicken in a bowl.
  • Flush the broth, add celery, fried onions and boiled eggs.
  • Cuisine is ready to be served

Soto is also good for adding sweet soy sauce and chili sauce.

That’s a recipe for how to make soto Banten, hopefully adding to your rich insight about Indonesian specialties.…