Parents Actions When Children Access the Internet

The era of modern humans is increasingly facilitated by the presence of advanced technologies such as the internet. Where the internet is a connection (connection) from one computer to another across the world through a dedicated server and router. When two computers are connected via the internet, they can send and receive information such as text, graphics (images), voice, video and other computer programs in the form of software and applications.

Today computers and the internet have become an important part of everyday life. Just sitting sweetly at the computer we already know some of the information we need. The benefits of the internet can be felt not only by professionals, but also by students, teenagers, housewives, and elementary students.

The internet if we take it from the positive side will feel beneficial for our daily lives. But not if we take it from the negative side.

Most children who access the internet will cause concern for their parents. For fear of children being negatively affected by the internet such as information that has sex, violence, etc. that are not good for children. In addition, for most children in front of the computer will interfere with positive activities and reduce eye health. Therefore parents must take an attitude so that their children remain positive while accessing the internet.

Here’s what parents have to do with their children:

Accompanying children when accessing the internet

We recommend that you put the computer in the family room and do not leave the child without adult supervision. This is so that parents can sort the types of information that children receive, and parents can straighten out the wrong understanding.

For parents it is not permissible to clueless

To avoid children from unwanted things from the internet, parents need to have sufficient knowledge about the internet and how to access it. How good is the child to learn the internet from their parents. This way parents can find out the extent to which the child’s understanding of the internet besides learning with their parents can continue to be supervised.

Schedule computer usage

Before applying this to children, you should be a parent who is disciplined in using a computer, so that children can imitate their parents. Another thing is to limit the selection of sites that can be visited by children. Try to get children to get permission from parents before accessing the internet.

Divert children by introducing various interesting activities

This is so that children are not only fixated on the internet world. Give a subtle understanding of good and bad if you linger at the computer.

Those are things parents can do when children access the internet. May be useful

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