Good Association Creates Good Teens

The primary identity formation is the environment. A healthy environment will give birth to healthy adolescents, but otherwise the environment that is not good will form a person who is not healthy. In this sophisticated era, many teenagers spend a lot of time after school to play outside the home, whether it’s in the cafe or hanging out on the street. What is even more sad is that we often meet the teenagers doing brawls against fellow school children.

An unfavorable environment can also plunge teenagers into promiscuity such as free sex, drugs, and drinking. Teenagers like this are experienced by teenagers who feel less happy, lack of attention and affection. The attention and love needed by adolescents is from the family, especially the two parents, besides close family, friends and school environment. Attention and affection are very much needed to make the teenager not feel less affection, so that the teenager feels happy / happy.

Teenagers who have entered the wrong environment will be very difficult to return to the family environment. Because teenage children have a soul and mind that is still unstable. For that the role of parents and the closest environment is very necessary in creating good teens.

Things that need to be done so that adolescents have healthy and good relationships:

Provide children with religious guidance as early as possible so that children have strong behavioral control in relationships.

Providing sufficient love and attention from both the family and the surrounding environment. By getting affection in the home environment, the child will not seek love outside.

When a child wants to leave the house, make it a habit to ask permission and ask where he goes, besides that it should give supervision indirectly. Like asking his friends. Give supervision also when children use media that is currently developing very rapidly.

Recognize the talents and interests of children so that parents can channel it in positive things so that talent is channeled and children remain in a positive association.

Don’t give too strict rules to children. With children feeling confined he will seek freedom outside.

Be a best friend for children, and don’t be a feared person. That way the child can devote what was previously done. In other words, parents can be used as a place to vent.

If the deviation is still small, start reprimanding it so that the teenagers feel valued.

Well, that’s the way for teenagers to have good relationships so that they can become a quality generation of the nation. Good luck.

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