How to Maintain Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

LDR (Long Distance Relationship) or long distance relationship is when you and someone are in a relationship but separated by distance and time difference. It is not easy to go through that long distance relationship, because it requires a firm commitment between the two parties so that the relationship continues as expected. 

Many teenagers who break up in the middle of the road when having to undergo the LDR, many factors influence it, including suspicion, boredom, lack of communication, etc. Then how do you keep the LDR alive? Below are tips for establishing a long distance relationship or LDR to keep it running as expected:

  • Believe each other
    Even if you don’t meet often, but to maintain an LDR relationship that requires extra trust in whatever he curves there. Another thing you need to do is maintain the trust that is given by him. So to maintain the LDR relationship is maintained is the essence of mutual trust and mutual trust with each other.
  • Communication Communication
    intensity by telephone or social media must be maintained. Just ask again, what have you eaten, etc. This is important so that the feelings you have keep awake and don’t fade.
  • Saling Terbuka
    Tell us what you did today, and ask what activities your girlfriend is doing there. This is a way to monitor the activities that you do.
  • Honest
    Don’t lie between you, stay honest. This is one way to keep the LDR in place.
  • Don’t be jealous,
    jealousy is a sign of love, but if it is done overly, it will result in not being good for your relationship, especially for those of you who are in a long distance relationship. As I stated earlier (first point) that to keep the LDR durable, you must trust each other.
  • Don’t Easily Affect
    It should not be easy to believe other people’s words about it if you haven’t proven it yourself. In addition, you also do not easily get along with your opposite sex friends, remember that in a distant place there is someone who loves you.
  • Try to Meet If There Is Time
    To maintain the integrity of the relationship, then take the time to meet him and ask him to meet (although not too often), at least it becomes your missed drug. Because if you miss it is not released then it will appear boredom, it is dangerous for long distance relationships.
  • Stay Romantic
    Even though space and time are separate, it doesn’t become a barrier for you to stay romantic. Send a surprise for it, whether it’s an item or something else.
  • Submit the same above the
    match in the hands of God, then surrender everything that God wants for your relationship. Try as much as you can, plan your best as possible, but keep in mind that God is sure.

That’s how to maintain a long distance relationship (LDR) to stay durable and lasting, hopefully it’s useful for you. good luck

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