How to Know a Man Likes Women

Guessing or knowing someone’s mind is not easy, very difficult. Especially to read someone’s feelings towards you, does he love you or not? Does he like you or not? Does he put his heart on you? But there are some indications or characteristics that you can observe if it turns out he is secretly harboring a feeling towards you. A man will do the following if he loves or likes a woman:

  • He will often make eye contact with women as often as possible, so this will be the first indication whether the man has a heart against you or not. Watch if he often glances at you, or he often cares for you. If a man likes a woman, he will often steal a glance at his target woman.
  • He will often ask how you are if you are not together. At least he will ask what you are doing, whether you have eaten or not, etc. This is a further indication.
  • He will often worry about you, so he will be protective of you. He will forbid you from doing things that are harmful to you, for example: when you walk with your friends, and the time has shown curfew, then a man who likes women will be protective to send you home.
  • He often chat with you, from morning to night he will contact you.
  • The next indication is that he suddenly likes your hobby, even he often talks about this to you.
  • He will praise trivial things, like for example today you wear new shoes, well if the man likes you then he will praise that you deserve to wear them. If the man does not like you, he will only see your new shoes without commenting (or if he comments at least a joke).
  • Privileged you compared to other friends. Even though you are with other friends, he will only pay attention to you.
  • He became a reminder when your important time, for example your birthday, then he became the first person to congratulate you. Even most men are not willing to sleep until 12 pm because they only want to be the first person to give congratulations. See also mcfol site.
  • Often gives surprises, in the form of gifts or other things.
  • When he is together, he will pay attention to you. Like for example, what do you want to drink or eat? Later he will buy it for you.
  • Frequently travels, even if there is no program. Maybe inviting to eat meatballs, or just hang out at the mall, etc.
  • Never miss talking good morning and sleeping well.

If you find a guy or guy like the one around you, then rest assured he is putting your heart on you. Now, how do you live, if you like it too, then you also have to show it to him. But if not, then you should slowly move away so that he doesn’t love you more, or if he really isn’t the one you like then just confide in him about a guy (that way he will slowly find out that you don’t like him). That’s some way of knowing a man likes a woman, hopefully it is useful.

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