Girlfriend’s Right Way

The courtship period is also said to be a period of exploration or character recognition to get to a more serious level, that’s basically the dating theory. Dating is also supposed to be a union of two different characters to form a beautiful similarity. But not everyone going out goes according to their wishes and hopes, because there are many stumbling blocks and trials that come to him. If indeed it is not good for you and him to continue, don’t be forced because it’s better to break up now than to regret after getting married later.

Differences in views are often the main reason when you want to end a relationship, because it is also the one that will cause boredom with him. However, it would be nice if stating the breakup was done in a good and appropriate way, not to cause a split between you. then how do you say that the break is good and right, here follows:

  • Convince Yourself That You Really Want To Disconnect
    Meditate in your heart, ask your heart if you are sure you want to part with him or not. If you are sure, then collect the determination to declare your breakup.
  • Do not postpone your
    intentions as soon as possible to be disclosed so that you are not too long and he is stuck in a problem. Say what you want to say, to be honest so that your feelings become empty and no one gets a block anymore.
  • No need to wait for the right time
    There is no right time when you want to say break up, because this must be done immediately so that you are not tortured mentally, and for him maybe this is also what he wants. However, do not state this when he is busy, or not in public.
  • Say What Your
    Reasons Reveal are accompanied by the right reasons when you want to end the relationship. Express it confidently that you have to end this so that no one gets hurt again. If your reason is right and does not exist, chances are he will accept it.
  • Ready with the response from him
    Whatever he will do, you must be prepared for that risk. Is he accepting or even angry, it is at your risk. Prepare answers when he is angry or cursing at you, but don’t get carried away by emotion. If he continues to be angry, you should leave him and give him time to think and calm down.
  • Do
    not be shaken If you are confident and firm, do not ever falter over your decision, sometimes people who are decided by a boyfriend will whine to not be cut off, and most of them just regret their mistakes and promise to improve. Don’t be affected, just suppose it’s too late.
  • Stop Communication
    If you have declared a break up, you should not communicate first. You live your life, and let him live his life.

But keep in mind that the soul mate is in God’s hands, so if one day you are destined together again, then rest assured that it has indeed become your lifeline. And if that time comes back for you, believe that the situation is different from the past. Hopefully the short article is useful.

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