How to Choose Clothes to Make it Look Slimmer

Clothing that you wear sometimes will make others stunned or not even interested in you. The clothes you use can also make the impression of your body slimmer or just the opposite. So to address this, then you must be smart in choosing clothes so that your body looks slimmer. Below, I will give tips on how to choose clothes to be sleek, including:

  • If you have narrow shoulders and your hips are wide, you should choose a blouse and jacket with shoulder pads. This will make you slimmer.
  • The choice of clothing with the same color from shoulder to shoe can give the impression of being taller and slimmer. Wear clothes with monochromatic colors in dark colors.
  • Use small vertical lines to create a slimmer impression, because if you use clothing with horizontal lines, you will fall short and wide.
  • The arm that is rolled up creates an optical illusion that makes the arm that looks more slender than the long arm.
  • Choose a jacket that covers the hips to create a higher and slimmer impression.
  • Try to keep the skirt length from falling on the biggest part of the leg, because if this happens it will make you look fat.
  • Avoid trousers with narrow pants feet. The narrower the leg pants you wear, the hips will appear wider. Long pants with straight or wider pants will make your hips feel smaller.
  • When you wear a belt, choose a chain belt falling from the waist, the diagonal line will make a slender impression.
  • Hindai use a choker necklace because it can make you seem shorter and wider. Better to choose a long necklace because it creates a slimmer and longer impression on the face, neck and body.
  • Avoid shoes with a rope because it will make the impression of your feet large. Wear closed shoes (pump) to create a slender impression, especially shoes with a low ribbed front.

That’s the selection of clothes that you can use to make you look slimmer and taller. Be wise to wear clothes, because besides clothing is your mirror, it turns out clothing can also change your appearance for the better. Hopefully this short article is useful for you

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