Problems That Can Occur in Infants and Their Handling

Being a new mother in life is a very happy experience. Sadness even though lived in the early life of the little one. A lot of confusion comes in taking care of him. For that recognize your child in the beginning of its growth. The following problems can occur in infants and their handling:

Frequently Wasted Babies

Many mothers assume that babies who frequently defecate are suspected because of diarrhea. But it turns out the assumption is wrong. As long as we know babies with exclusive breastfeeding often defecate with a frequency of 6-10 times a day.

Frequent urination

This is because babies often suckle into the frequency to urinate more often. Change diapers frequently and maintain cleanliness, especially around the dark tool.

Frequently Dispose of Wind

Do not rush to assume that the baby is experiencing bloating, this is only because the air is trapped in the digestive tract. And as long as you know that the baby who discards the wind is actually good.

Baby Menstruation

The majority of mothers panic at the condition of the baby who bleeds through his head just like an adult who is menstruating. This is due to the influence of the mother’s estrogen hormone which is produced a lot while the baby is still in the womb. Along with a decrease in hormone levels this condition will disappear by itself and does not need treatment.

Frequent hiccups

This is naturally experienced by babies, even ancient parents say that frequent hiccups are a sign that children will get tired quickly. Actually hiccups occur due to contractions in the body cavity separating the chest cavity and abdominal cavity (diaphragm). Generally the hiccups will disappear by themselves and are not dangerous. This condition is enough to be treated by drinking warm water.

Breathing Ejects Sound

This is caused by the presence of mucus that blocks the respiratory tract. Babies who have just been born have not been able to remove mucus from the throat through coughing. Mucus is caused by allergies that arise through the food consumed by the mother, then enter the baby through breast milk. Mucus can also be caused by influenza.

Lot of Sweating

Head, hands, and feet sweat the most babies who have just been born. But as we get older, the sweat that comes out will decrease. Excessive sweating in infants can also be caused by the mother giving cow milk to the baby. Because cow’s milk in the body will be converted into protein. The change process will release heat that will be released through the sweat glands.

Genitals Have Swelling

This is due to high estrogen levels in the plasma during pregnancy. Usually swelling of the genitals in infants can occur in baby girls and boys.

Thus, the mother needs to know things that might happen to a baby who has just been born. May be useful.

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