Traditional Ways to Overcome Body Odor

Activities that require energy make our bodies sweat easily. That’s why in the morning before the move the majority of people use deodorants to ward off the smell of sweat (unpleasant body odor).

Body odor or BB is caused by sweat decomposed by microorganisms. The more sweat is broken down, the stronger the smell of the body. But not all members of the body emit these unpleasant odors, but only certain places.

In the skin tissue there are two types of sweat glands, namely the ecrine and apocrine glands . Ecrine glands have existed since we were born, and all limbs including the legs and arms. This gland sweats more dilute and does not smell.

While the apocrine gland begins to exist when humans are publicized and only exists in certain places, namely the armpits, nipples, genital area, navel, outer ear canal. This gland secretes thick secretions that lead to hair in certain places. If the secretion or sweat reaches the surface of the skin and contacts with microorganisms in the body it will cause an unpleasant odor.

Everyone certainly wants to eliminate body odor, because this can cause shame and lack of confidence.

There are several ways to overcome this problem, one of them is by using traditional herbs. The traditional methods include:

  1. With boiled betel leaf water that has an antiseptic effect. You do this by rinsing the genital area which is a moist area.
  2. Beluntas leaves and basil leaves are consumed for fresh vegetables. This function removes body odor in all organs of the body.
  3. By using a mixture of ginger, kencur, sugar. All ingredients are boiled, then drink regularly.
  4. With some clove flowers soaked in boiled water, then drink it regularly.
    Use lime mixed with whiting (just a little for whiting so the skin doesn’t blister).
  5. This is useful for removing underarm odor. The trick is to apply the mixture of the ingredients to the armpit.
  6. Cucumber in the slices of the skin and applied to the armpit.
  7. Armpit odor can also be removed with alum water.

For the dosage all the ingredients above are approximately or sufficient, because there is no definite standard.

Now that’s a variety of traditional materials that can be used to eliminate body odor. But keep in mind, besides consuming traditional ingredients above, you are also required to maintain body hygiene, such as regular bathing at least 2 times a day. Hopefully this review is useful

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