How to Find a Good Girlfriend

You must often hear the words of young people today, “today is singles? What does the world say? ” It is an expression of the importance of having a girlfriend for some teenagers today, so that it is not said to be cute, not present, etc. 

For you, jomblower (the name for singles) who are looking for a girlfriend should not be in a hurry or just because of someone else’s ridicule. You have to find a good and true girlfriend, so you don’t regret it finally. Then how do you get a good girlfriend? Following are the steps:

  • Look for a boyfriend who accepts you for who you are, not who accepts what you are. Therefore, if you happen to be a rich person, don’t show off wealth just because you want to find a girlfriend. It’s better that you be simple, don’t be there so that it appears to exist, that’s the wrong way. A good girlfriend is someone who doesn’t look at you based on wealth or tampag, but who chooses you based on your personality.
  • The step to find a boyfriend who is good for you next is seen from his independence, not those who always ask for their parents. This is not only good for being your girlfriend, but also good for going to a more serious level.
  • Look for a boyfriend who is obedient to his religion, because on the basis of his religious knowledge, he (most likely) will never be strange to you.
  • Looking for a girlfriend should also be considered whether your conversation is connected or not, this is to minimize the differences that will appear after you date later.
  • Before deciding to date it, you should look for comprehensive information about it. Love is indeed blind, but you must be logical and realistic, you should find out the background first.
  • Don’t look for a boyfriend based on the tampag or wealth he has, because you also won’t want it if your girlfriend will love you based on that.
  • Your girlfriend’s speaking style should also be noted, don’t look for a boyfriend who likes to talk harshly, because later you will get hurt if he insults you. Therefore, look for a boyfriend who has a warning and polite style of speech.
  • A good girlfriend is likely to be loyal, so find a good boyfriend to get a loyal boyfriend.
  • Notice whether he is doing good to everyone or only to people he knows. A good boyfriend will be seen from his behavior, also seen from his personality, and what is important is his social spirit.

No need to find a perfect boyfriend, because it is an impossibility. Look for a good and true boyfriend so that when you are in a relationship, you feel safe and comfortable. That’s tips for finding a good boyfriend, hopefully it will be useful for you.

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